December 3, 2023

Health Centre Foundation supports rural LPN training.

Hamiota District Health Centre Foundation Inc. includes members from Miniota, Lenore and Kenton as well as the Hamiota area, reflecting the service area of the Hamiota Health District.

Present at the AGM: Vaughn Wilson, Brent Fortune, Murray Lockhart, Diana MacDonald, Linda Clark. Holly Draper, LeeAnn Haggarty and Bev Bennett as well as five members of the general public.

Absent:  Ross Argue

Chairperson Brent Fortune called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. in the Outreach Meeting Room of the Hamiota District Health Centre. Self introductions followed.

The minutes of the Oct. 17/22 annual meeting of the Hamiota District Health Centre Foundation Inc. were read by Bev Bennett. 

Moved by Murray Lockhart, seconded by LeeAnn Haggarty that the minutes be approved. Carried

Brent Fortune read his report on the activities and initiatives of the Foundation over the past year.

Vaughn Wilson read the letter regarding the investment portfolio as prepared by Kevin Brugger of Brugger Wealth Management. Discussion followed regarding current term deposit interest rates available.

Vaughn Wilson reviewed a draft of the financial statements for the period ending March 31, 2023 from the Auditors which reflected a surplus on operations of $12,781.

One membership was received from Eileen Kent.

Election of Directors

Two positions are open for the Hamiota Municipality for the 2024/25 – 2026/27 (3-year term).

Linda Clark made a motion that Murray Lockhart and LeeAnn Haggarty be appointed as directors representing the Hamiota Municipality. Seconded by Holly Draper.            Carried

Questions from the floor

Discussion re Doctor recruitment

Discussion about LPN course

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Chairperson Brent Fortune summarizes recent activities and aims.

We currently have two Director positions open (3-year term) for the Hamiota Municipality.

Financial support and commitment to support projects and initiatives include the following;

  • Birch Lodge resident room bedside table replacement was approved in the amount of $18,480.  The tables have been in place since July and are much appreciated.
  • The last of our equity funds were utilized for the installation of some new windows for the acute care and lab areas in the approx. amount of $20,000.
  • We continue to cover the cost of television programming from Westman Cable for the acute care facility and the Lilac Residence Common Room at a monthly amount of $270.50. Users of this service do appreciate it and do make donations from time to time but such donations are limited.
  • We attempted to set up a bursary offering through the Assiniboine Community College for the Rural LPN training program which is ongoing in Virden. Due to limiting restrictions on such bursaries, we were unable to partner with ACC, but we will continue to formalize our own bursary offering for these students.
  • We doubled our financial commitment amount for our current bursary programs and this year we approved five High School Bursaries in the amount of $1,000 each to; Olivia Mowez (Virden), Mickaela Quenelle (Elton), Kyia Knight (Hamiota), Heidi Clark (Birtle) and Lexy Waddell (Strathclair). We also approved three individuals for the Fourth- and Fifth-Year Bursary in the amount of $2,000 each to; Kara Kent (Hamiota), Mikaela Young (Birtle) and Rory Laite (Birtle)
  • We made a commitment to fund the newly formed Hamiota/Kenton and Area Grief Support Group in the amount of $500.

One major agreement that we entered into this year was with Dr. Fedorowich who terminated his dental practice in Hamiota in 2023. The agreement was for the transfer of assets (equipment, furnishings and supplies) from Dr. Fedorowich to the Foundation by way of a Gift-In-Kind in the amount of $104,500. Efforts by the community to recruit a new dentist to Hamiota are ongoing.

In conclusion, we continue our mandate to improve, enhance, and promote health education and health care for the patients and residents within the district served by the Hamiota District Health Centre.


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