December 8, 2023

Once a week, Pathways Healing offers a sliding fee scale community clinic intended to help people have more access to supportive and preventative health care

In an effort to increase access to supportive and preventative health care, Pathways Healing recently started offering a sliding fee scale clinic once per week.

Since the opening of a new a multi-faceted health and wellness centre in January, the founder of Pathways Healing, Bonnie Adam, says it’s all about being accessibility, affordability and convenience.

Pathways Healing offers acupuncture, registered massage therapy, cupping therapy, facial cupping, laser acupuncture, hot stone massage, Reiki, energy work and reflexology.

It also hosts events such as meditation groups, personal growth workshops and self-care workshops.

“There are so many people who are really in need of help but can’t afford it. We are trying to be able to offer something for everyone. We want it to be not just for people who have workplace health benefits,” Adam said.

“Many of our clients who book private appointments come because they have health benefits. But that leaves a lot of people out in terms of access to supportive and preventative care.”

“We are also very much about managing stress and mental health. It’s about the mind, body and soul. We want to cover everything,” Adam said.  

With two clinic models, Adam says Pathways Healing can serve more people by offering appointments as well as the sliding free scale clinic.

“Having been in business for over 20 years, I have seen people who could have used more care, where they had suffered an injury and their benefits only covered three or four treatments. They really needed more but just couldn’t afford it,” Adam said.

“As therapists, we want to see people have enough treatments so they can get better. We want to be accessible and we knew that there was a block to that.”

Adam says she hopes a sliding fee scale clinic will help remove barriers to accessible treatment.

“You can’t be successful if you can’t get treatment. I want people to get better and I want to be able to offer that,” Adam said.

The new location, Adam says, is about expanding and trying to bring everything under one roof at 350 Speedvale Ave., W. Unit 11 in Guelph.

“Our massage therapists, reflexologists and energy workers all come together to be able to offer more variety of care to people. Previously, we had an acupuncture clinic at Shelldale Centre which then expanded to upper massage and Reiki as well,” Adam said.

“But it was difficult to have all of this in a mobile location. So I found a space where we can bring it all together in the same place and offer private appointments. So, it makes things much easier.”

To make it less expensive, every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pathways Healing offers brief appointments where people can quickly come in and receive treatment.

“We have chair massage and portable acupuncture so these are shorter treatments but are still quite effective,” Adam said.

“People love it. It’s very convenient and they can even do a walk-in, but we ask people to call or text to make sure there is a spot available. Clients can also book online.”

Adam says even if someone wakes up with a kink in their neck, they can pop in and get a treatment to receive some instant relief.

“We have multiple therapists available as well. So even if you can’t get in for massage that day, you can try acupuncture. There will always be someone here who can help you,” Adam said.

“And online booking is very convenient. You can see what booking times and therapists are available.”

Adam says in other parts of the world the mode of care is different.

“Some people receive treatments every day, or three to four times a week until they are better, whereas here, the model is so different. People will base treatment on the amount of benefits they have,” Adam said.

“The key is intense treatment at the beginning. This is what makes positive change. So treatments delivered more frequently and closer together can really make a difference.”

For more information and to book a scale/community clinic appointment, visit the online booking page.


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