December 10, 2023

Gun-toting criminals pounced outside the compound of the La Romaine Health Centre and robbed a man of his jewelry on Tuesday morning.


After exiting the health centre, the victim was walking to the car park when he was robbed at gunpoint by two thieves.


Officers of the La Romaine Police Post, San Fernando CID, Southern Division Task Force, and other police units responded to the incident but no suspects have as yet been detained in connection with the case.


A statement from the South-West Regional Health Authority, which manages the La Romaine Health Centre read, “The SWRHA advises that we are aware of an incident, which occurred at the entrance of the La Romaine Health Centre at 7.30 a.m. on May 23rd, 2023. We also advise that the incident has since engaged the attention of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.”


The victim, a 40-year-old man who resides in the community, reported to police that he while walking to the parking lot of the La Romaine Health Centre at Allahar Street in La Romaine when he was approached by two men.


The report described the two criminals.


It stated that the man carrying the firearm was described as of African descent, stocky build, dark complexion, a bald head and approximately 1.8 metres (six feet two inches) tall wearing a black jersey and a pair of black pants.


The second criminal was described as of East Indian descent, slim build, approximately 1.3 metres (four feet five inches) tall, fair complexion, short hair, wearing a red jersey and a pair of black pants.


The victim reported that both men announced a robbery and then robbed him of a gold Cuban link chain valued at $1,500, a gold bera (bracelet) valued at $5,000 and a gold ring valued at $400.


Both men ran in an easterly direction along Allahar Street and escaped with the loot.


Police constables Raghoonanan and Phagoo of the San Fernando CID responded, made observations, conducted interviews, and received certain information.


Police are seeking to obtain security camera footage of the incident and investigations are continuing by PC Phagoo.


Eyewitness: God help us!

Shortly after the robbery, a social media user posted an account of the incident on Facebook and recounted the fear he felt as well as the reactions of the other visitors to the health centre.


The post read, “When crime came close. This morning I was a witness to a robbery on the compound of the La Romaine Health Centre. Waiting in line for a blood test I heard a startled shout, ‘Robbery! Robbery!’ And a lady ran to the position where I was standing near the entrance to the facility. I looked in the car park and saw two young guys, one with a gun and the other reaching out to get the wedding ring the victim was pulling from his finger.”


The report was that they came into the yard after the victim, pulled off his chain and continued to rob him. The patients waiting for attention scattered, shaken. Some stooping low to the floor, then they began chatting animatedly with scared looks in their eyes. ‘That was close,’ someone said. ‘We could have been dead yes.”

The social media user said that he spoke briefly to the victim, whom he noticed wore a tee shirt with a religious slogan.


“A few minutes later as I left the scene, the health (centre) securities and detectives were around with the victim. I paused long enough to give him a fist-to-fist greeting and told him how sorry I was about what had happened to him. Still in shock, he nodded and said ‘Thanks’. It was nothing to be grateful about except to God for saving his life. He was so close to the grave. What stood out to me was the print on his black jersey, clear in white it read ‘Got Jesus!’


“That was the first thing I saw when the drama unfolded.”


The post continued with the man giving his thoughts on criminal activities, and urged all to pray.


“We are all closer to God than we were years ago, a stray bullet away, a weapon in the hand of an uncaring gunman. Let’s continue to pray for protection and consecration as we walk this scorched Earth we call home. God help us!”



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